Radon Mitigation

Mitigation Done Correctly

Here you can see how a mitigation system is supposed to be installed. NOTE: the exhaust vent MUST extend past the roofline to be effective and safe.

Request a Free Mitigation System Inspection

If you already have a RADON Mitigation System installed, you can contact us to perform a free system test and receive an inspection report. The report will either recommend additional action or recommend "No Additional Action" at the time of the inspection.

Your Safety is our Prime concern.

Request Free Inspection of Your RADON Mitigation System Quote

If your home, Office, Public building or Commercial structure has already been tested, and you are "shopping" around for quotes, call us and we will come out to your home or facility and provide you with a free inspection of your testing report and a site visit, followed by our written FIRM proposal for recommended action.

Our RADON Corrective Action installations are priced, depending on the type of structure, location, number of buildings (if a complex), and number of stories and the building's construction.